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The ultimate solution for business communications and collaboration.

Comply with GDPR effortlessly with Global Integrity’s dSecure® Encryption Solution for Microsoft Office

dSecure:Office is the ultimate solution for automatically protecting your business documents and e-mail communications, and is fully integrated into the Microsoft Office product suite. Effortlessly send and receive documents securely using Outlook without changing the user’s experience.  Documents are encrypted at creation and remain so for their lifetime!

dSecure:Office is a novel, patented approach to information security and privacy. It does not rely on passwords or keys to manage – it runs invisibly and securely!

dSecure Management Portal allows administrators to easily manage security permissions and track document usage in real-time.

Why dSecure?

dSecure:Office Highlights

  • dSecure is the only product on the market that protects documents at the point of creation!
  • Eliminates the threat of disclosure in the event of a breach
  • Easy to install, up and running in no time!
  • Easy to use. No need to bother with passwords or encryption keys.  Documents are secured automatically!
  • Designed with GDPR compliance in mind
  • Plug-in for Microsoft Office, use with Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.  Encrypt everything, even attachments!
  • Minimal User Training
  • Ideal for complex enterprises with multiple vendors, as well as small to medium size business.
  • The latest military-grade encryption is used, with no back doors!


Every business is mobile now.  Everyone has a mobile device or two or three.  And your business information is moving though the wireless world.  dSecure:Mobile – Our Mobile applications provide ultra-secure technology to ensure your voice, text messages conversations, your attachments (photos, videos, etc.), chats and email are securely exchanged using Protected Mobility’s FIPS-140-2 certified encryption technologies.

Unlike other “secure” mobile apps, dSecure:Mobile is fully compatible with our dSecure:Office for your desktops, so you have a seamless transition from office to mobile and back.

Without compromising design and functionality, we developed a mobile application that offers built-in security and encryption features that are transparent, providing an all-in-one solution that is easy-to-use.


dSecure:Office is the ultimate solution for protecting your business documents and e-mail communications and is fully integrated into the Microsoft Office product suite. Effortlessly send and receive encrypted messages and documents using Microsoft Outlook. There’s a reason encrypted e-mail does not work; it’s just too difficult for mere mortals to use effectively. With dSecure, the hassle and headache of dealing with encrypted communication is all managed for you.

dSecure also tracks and monitors messages and document activity.

Global Integrity Ethos

Privacy is a right, regardless of your race, creed, nationality, or religion. Our technology offers the fact that ONLY you and your intended recipient have the keys to decrypt, enabling you to control your communications and information security environment across platforms and devices.

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Global Integrity’s headquarters is conveniently located in downtown McLean, VA.

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